The Diputación de Toledo assumes more than 50% of the university estancia share in the Residencia ‘Santa María de la Cabeza’ – Generic English

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The pleno celebrated by these young people of the Toledo Council, chaired by Concepción Cedillo, ratified that the institution more than 52 percent of the cost of the estancia of the students who reside during the academic course in the Residencia Universitaria ‘Santa María de la Cabeza’, dependiente de la Diputación.

In the session he gave the green light regarding the ordinance that regulates the public price for estancias and complementary services in the university residence. The cost to families of this residence continues to be below other similar institutions in the province of Toledo.

From the data derived from the last presupestary liquidation it can be deduced that the contributions of the users through the current public price capacity to cover 47.63% of the cost of the service, assuming therefore the Diputación the financing of the rest of its amounts.

These new prices, which will enter in force at the beginning of the 2024-2025 coursein conjunction with the bases that regularly have the convocation and the offer of the residents’ squares for the new course, will tend to its award criteria, objectives of an eminently social nature, although without forgetting the derivatives of the academic performance of the aspirants, still that the final punctuation that they obtain will be determined by the sum of the points attributed by the notes of the EvaU or the academic expediente and by the other for the rent of the family unit.

In another order of things, the plenary also approved the updating of the information on the Intervention on the fulfillment of the stability objective and the debt limit in the General Presupuesto della Diputazione Provinciale (DPT), of the Organismo Autónomo Provincial de Gestión Tributaria (OAPGT) and of the Consorcio Provincial de Extinción de Incendios (CPEIS) corresponding to the 1st quarter of the 2024 financial year, to provide compensation for the establishment in art. 16.2 of the Royal Decree 1463/2007, of 2 November, of presupestary stability.

On the other hand, the activation of the connection of the TO-2935 carriageway (antigua TO-2041), section 2: Villanueva de Bogas-CM-4006 and of the TO-2628 and TO-2736 carriageways (antigua TO-2113) was approved ) and TO-2112), tramo: Villasequilla to N-4006 (Villasequilla)-Estación, interviniendo at the best of the signature and replace the refuerzo by milling and repositioning and a hard running cap to its extension.

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