My Story

Meet Zara Hernandez.

Baking is something I have loved to watch my Grandma do since I was a little girl back in Puerto Rico. It brought me such joy to see the joy on others faces from something my Abuela would bake as small and simple as a cookie! I was working in corporate America and I was doing some baking here and there when I decided to take things seriously. 

I was taking every baking class on and offline that I could for a whole year and every weekend I would try new recipes while my friends and family would be the ones to test and give me their honest opinion. Yes EVERY Sunday was cookie day tryouts. Some days in the beginning would be a fun day and some days not so fun. I was throwing away many batches of cookies and going back to the drawing board. 

Then one day something clicked! My friends and I looked at each other at the same time and was like WOW! This is “It” this is the recipe that we can all agree to make a note of. Finally something that I perfected and is worth duplicating. From this day forward I knew I had perfected something worth sharing that would bring a smile to many many faces!

"Just seeing someone enjoying something that I baked, makes my soul happy. I’m pretty sure I inherited the love for feeding others from my grandma who will always offer you food by the moment you would step foot in her home."

This is where Thick Treats Miami was born! I wanted to make Thick a synonym of party and sweetness, hence why there’s a lot of confetti and pink boards on the pictures. I am a true believer that you can brighten up someone’s day with a cookie, a warm handmade, delicious, and chewy-gooey cookie.

Give our cookies a try and see for yourself what I have perfected! My cookies are meant to be shared with friends and family. Create a few smiles today and share a cookie, trust me this little piece of goodness will make you beg for more and more every time!